Our story

As a little girl I used to pick healing herbs with my grand parents and make home-made masks from honey & clays. Anytime I had any health concerns my grand mother would have a home remedy for it and that is why I have always believed in a healing power of nature.  Nine years ago I have moved to London to follow my future husband and my life became very hectic, living in a big city working and studying with very little time to relax or look after myself later reflected in my health, I have noticed that my general wellbeing, my skin and my energy levels have deteriorated.
I have never wanted to treat myself with medicine as I knew many of the products sold in a pharmacy just treat symptoms rather than causes, so I have decided to research natural remedies  and read more about nutrition. I have realised that in order to improve my health I need to change  my lifestyle, diet  and the products I use.
I have always  been into skincare products because of my problematic and oily skin I have tried many different products but none of them worked in a long term. At the same time I was  very conscious about the ingredients in the foods that I eat I started to pay more attention to  the labels of my skincare and personal care products , I started to look for more natural alternatives, however many of them are not as natural as they claim to be or are very expensive. After lots of reading, research, recipe developing and testing  I started to make products for myself and my husband who has very dry and sensitive skin and could never find the cream which would be rich enough, that is how the Frankincense facial oil was born!
I wanted to share my knowledge and my passion with others so I was inspired to create LAVANDE SKINCARE – hand crafted holistic skincare products with therapeutical essential oils and natural ingredients. I want  people to be aware of what they put on their skin as our bodies absorb it all, good & bad within few seconds which is why I wanted to make natural products that are safe and do not contain any harsh or toxic ingredients.
All you need for a healthy glowing skin is to find the LAVANDE product that suits your skin type, eat well, sleep long and be positive!
Making the products is my passion and time to unwind.
I look forward to creating more natural products for you!
Founder of Lavande Skincare